The Mission

The Neurology Resident Teaching Series is an educational project aimed at developing electronic resources to help facilitate the teaching of Neurology. Neuroscience is the frontier of medical science and the public imagination. Fear, aversion, and misunderstanding in the face of the complexity and esoteric qualities of Neurology are the enemies of good outcomes and good medical practice. Accordingly, one important front in the war against neurologic disease is through education: of physicians, medical students, and the general populace. By encouraging better teaching, better learning, and the sharing of knowledge of Neurology, the hope is that this project can help improve our field and the lives of our patients.

The first stage of this project is the development of Guides and Slides. Guides are lesson plans that residents can read to help organize their thoughts around a subject and generate content to teach. These are not meant to be comprehensive, but they provide a starter set of teaching material to build upon. These can also serve as learning material that can be easily digested by junior Neurology residents during call shifts. Slides are presentations designed to be displayed on a computer screen or tablet computer wherever and whenever a teaching session happens. These are meant to be props and visual aids to facilitate teaching and provide flow and organization for a lesson. These structured lessons are designed to be relatively short, ranging from 1 to 15 minutes in duration, to allow for teaching in the brief moments between clinical duties and scheduled residency and clerkship activities. In particular, third year clerkships are becoming increasingly populated with didactic sessions, small group discussions, and longitudinal educational experiences. In this setting, teaching on the clinical wards suffers, unless we can find a way to generate and facilitate teaching in a less traditional and less lengthy style. Few residents have the luxury of time to sit down with students to teach in front of a whiteboard or blackboard, and furthermore students are not always available for these scheduled ward teaching sessions. Accordingly, Guides and Slides are developed and distributed here to aid shorter impromptu lessons.

This is an ongoing project that will adapt to the needs of Neurology residents and their students. Comments and suggestions are welcome and can be sent to


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